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Digeum Mix Session 07F »


Digeum Mix Session 07F
Leave the Light On
Apollo Lee & Jay Def — Ontario, Oregon, USA
October 07, 2011
2:24:54 @ 128 bpm (House) 

Joining Jay Def in a tag team set for the first time in two years.  This is our fifth tag team set.  We threw down a fun set at a motel in Ontario, Oregon, within sight of the western edge of Idaho.  It’s mostly tech house with some funky deepness thrown in for good measure.  This was a total blast.  I hope you enjoy it.

(Mix tally: Digeum - 162; Jay: 34 (29 solo); Apollo:133 (128 solo).)

Digeum Mix Session 07E »


Digeum Mix Session 07E
Inspiration Storm
Apollo Lee — Sunnyvale, California, USA
September 29, 2011
1:17:56 @ 128 bpm (House) 

My 128th solo mix (132 in all) and the 161st Digeum mix.  This is 80 minutes of fist-pumping tech house, funky disco house, and an original track.  Hope it inspires you.

Digeum Mix Session 07D »


Digeum Mix Session 07D
Equinox Draconis
Apollo Lee — Sunnyvale, California, USA
September 23, 2011
1:19:36 @ 124 bpm (House) 

My 127th mix (160 total for Digeum) includes a brand-new track, Analog Dragons.  80 minutes of tech house for your weekend listening pleasure.

Digeum Mix Session 07A »


Digeum Mix Session 07A
Digeum Volume 07 Inaugural
Apollo Lee — Sunnyvale, California, USA
September 01, 2011 
2:12:06 @ 128 bpm (House) 

This one has SEVEN original tracks in it.  I hope you dig it.

Digeum Mix Session 06Z »


Digeum Mix Session 06Z
Digeum Volume 06 Finale
Apollo Lee — Sunnyvale, California, USA
August 30, 2011
2:10:00 @ 125 bpm (House) 

That’s it for Volume 6.  That’s 156 Digeum mixes, 124 by me, 28 by Jay Def, and 4 by us together.  Thursday, September 1, is our three-year anniversary.  I hope some of you find a few of these myriad mixes enjoyable.

Digeum Mix Session 06Y »


Digeum Mix Session 06Y
Penultima VI
Apollo Lee — San Francisco, California, USA
August 28, 2011
1:19:54 @ 128 bpm (House) 

My 123rd solo Digeum mix session, the sixth in a row with an original track (Apollo Lee - Gyrating Continuum, posted on Thursday.  Hope you like it.

Digeum Mix Session 06W »


Digeum Mix Session 06W
Illogical Conclusions
Apollo Lee — Sunnyvale, California, USA
August 18, 2011
1:18:18 @ 124 bpm (House)  

Pull those tempo sliders back to 124.  That’s about right.  Feel that groove?  Nice and deep for the weekend.

Oh, and there’s a brand-new track in this one.  Hope you like it.